Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Intro and First Prompt

I accidentally got involved in a writing workshop offered at the school where I am taking a completely unrelated course. In relating this news to some friends, a request was made that I share the weekly writing prompts. Thus, the idea for a shared blog forum was born. As the sidebar description notes, I am always up for suggestions and new ideas. The more people we get to participate, the more fun this will be. So please feel free to share this with anyone you think might get a kick out of it.

Here is the first prompt:

"Sleeping to Dream"
Write about a character waking up from a nightmare. Where is s/he? What was the dream about? What is s/he afraid of?


  1. She bolted upright, straight out of a deep REM sleep. Her heart was pounding, her breath short. It was The Dream again, or rather, The Nightmare. She quickly scanned her bedroom. Everything seemed in order. The curtains were drawn, but not tightly, allowing in filtered light from the street lamp. Her robe was draped across the chair in the corner. The novel she'd been reading before sleep and a partial glass of water were on the nightstand. She took a sip of the water, calming herself. All was as she'd left it. Turning to look toward the closet, her breath caught as she thought she detected movement. She froze. As she stared intently at the closet door, it began to slowly open with a creaking noise. Her hand flew to her mouth. She bit into her knuckles her heart hammering like a drum in her chest. A figure emerged from the murky darkness of the doorway. She screamed. She bolted straight upright out of a deep REM sleep. Her heart was pounding, her breath was short...

  2. I finally found time to get on the computer vs. the iphone so I could participate in this exercise. I really enjoyed your posting because it did bring to mind a few was-that-really-a-dream dream. Thank you

  3. She had been startled from a deep sleep by the ever-annoying alarm clock. It was time to get up and see her husband off to work. It was a huge inconvenience to have him start so early but what could one do? The baby was still sound asleep in his crib. His bedroom was located off the kitchen. She stumbled out of bed and proceeded to the kitchen where she sat sleepy-eyed while her husband ate his simple breakfast.

    It was now time to him to leave so she followed him to the kitchen door which exited to the parking area behind the apartment building. Once he was out the door, she closed it behind him and then proceeded to add the chain across the door. Another measure of security for her and her infant son since her husband worked long hours. She headed back to bed to lay down for a few more hours before the baby woke up. No sooner had her head hit the pillow then she heard a sound in the house. Someone had entered via the kitchen door. She immediately got up and rushed to the bedroom doorway. She felt panicked since her husband had probably just pulled out of the lot and could not be summoned back. As she stepped into the short hallway, she realized that her husband had returned. Overcome by relief, she was about to ask him what the matter was when just as quickly, she realized that he had come in THROUGH THE KITCHEN DOOR; the same door she had just bolted and chained. She immediately glanced at the door. The chain was still across the door. It looked untouched! Her attention turned to her husband as he moved through the kitchen and started down the hallway towards her. His face was impassive. She turned to look at the front door as she saw her only means of escape but the realization that her son was still in the apartment stopped her cold. She stood still as the man approached her.

    Suddenly she bolted upright from her deep sleep. She glanced at the clock. She wiped the sweat off her brow. She was home alone.