Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Advice for Writers (or Any Artist)

I love the Dear Sugar column. And I believe that the advice given in this particular entry is worthy of a place on a blog for writers, even if I only have like 3 people (maybe more like 1.7) who visit once in a while. Maybe some day when I have 5 or 6 readers, someone will go back in the archives and find this and discover some value in Dear Sugar's words.

In particular:
"If you are a writer, it’s the writing that matters and no amount of battery acid in your stomach over who got what for what book they wrote is going to help you in your cause. Your cause is to write a great book and then to write another great book and to keep writing them for as long as you can. That is your only cause. It is not to get a six figure book deal. I’m talking about the difference between art and money; creation and commerce. It’s a beautiful and important thing to be paid to make art. Publishers who deliver our books to readers are a vital part of what we do. But what we do—you and I—is write books. "

Here's the link.

Back soon with some more writing prompts. 'Til then, my loves.

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